Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

OYOclass is a platform that can be used to learn programming, computer science and engineering, but it's much more than that. OYOclass can be used to host and create curriculum of all subjects, as well as manage virtual learning. With online courses, challenges, badges, and Learning Paths, the platform serves not only as a supplement to the classroom, but as a virtual learning space accesible from anywhere.

Here's how it works...

Learning Paths serve as a syllabus that students can follow to engage learning and classwork. It organizes courses, where students learn information, and challenges, where students create projects and submit classwork, into a progression. As students work through Learning Paths they will earn badges which serve as digital certifications. Once a Learning Path is completed, a student will earn a Mastery Badge which represents level of knowledge and skill the student has achieved.

All teachers have the ability to create courses, challenges, and Learning Paths on the platform. And not only can teachers create their own assets, but they can mix them with kidOYO's content to make blended Learning Paths. This flexibility allows all subjects to be taught online.

Platform Management

Platform Management


On the Homepage of each of the OYOclass communities, there is a bar that shows important information for that community. This Announcements box is highlighted below: 

The Announcements tab contains important information, like how to use the Scratch3 Editor, how to Start Tracking Progress for Learning Paths, and how to Share Hatch!, Python, and Sprite Editor projects. 

Replying to & Deleting Comments

When you add see comments, there are a few different things that you can do. In order to see the options for comments, you should hover over the top-right corner of the comment. 

  • If you see an interesting comment, you can click on "Reply" to add onto the conversation. If you do not click on "Reply", the person you are writing the comments towards may not get a notification for what have posted. 
  • If you realized the comment that you posted may not be relevant, you can select on the "Delete" option to remove your comment.  


If you ever have a question, the quickest and easier way to get an answer is if you tag your teacher or a mentor on the wall. To do this, you would click inside the "Share a skill, project, idea, value..." box. Then, you would type the "@" symbol. Once you do this, a box like the following will appear: 

If you have a specific person that you would like to tag, you can start typing in their name. If you wish to tag a mentor, you can write "Mentor" after the "@" symbol. For the mentor to be correctly tagged, you would have to click on their name. Then, their name should appear blue like the following:

If the name that you want to be tagged is not blue, this means that you did not do this correctly, and you should try to tag them again. Once a mentor gets tagged, they will receive a notification and they can answer your question!

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways is a way to organize the information that you will learn. 

How to Navigate Learning Pathways

STEP 1: Click on the "Pathways" button at the top. 

STEP 2: Search for the Pathway that you are looking for. You can sort the pathways using the bar on the left by Category or use the box on the right to search. 

STEP 3: Once you have found the Learning Pathway you would like to follow, click on the name of the Pathway. 

STEP 4: Click on the "Start Tracking Progress" button on the right side. In most cases, this button will be blue.

STEP 5: To submit challenges to these Pathways, click on the name of the challenge and paste your Share URL (with the work that you have completed) in the My Submissions box. 

Email Notifications

To get an email notification when you are tagged in a post on the wall or if your student has submitted to your challenge, make sure that you set up your email notifications! To do this, please following the below steps: 

STEP 1:  Click on your name to access the drop down menu, then select settings.

STEP 2: Click on Email Notifications from side navigation bar

STEP 3: Select the community you want to set notifications up for and click to toggle the view from OFF 

To ON, which will expose all of the options you can customize.

Make sure to save your setting changes.

Canvas Painter

Many of you have seen this tool as the new method in which Color by Code challenges have been completed and submitted. This tool was created as a means to simplify the process for students to submit Color by Code challenges. However, this tool doubles as a method for teachers to place worksheets in challenges and students can easily submit the answers to these questions. 

In the Canvas Painter, the student can choose different pen colors, pen widths, and eraser widths. Once the student has completed the worksheet, they can click on the Publish button and it will be brought into the Submission box. Then, the student can click on the Submit my Solution button to submit their answers to the questions.