The Leverage of Context ($You)
Dev published on 2021-03-13T17:24:16Z

The leverage of context is missing in the market. As a result, technology is being deployed to take it from $You. It provides $FREE access, and $You give it $FREE context. Over time, and across the activities of your life, that context is shared, sold, and looted from $You, as a result of your activities. Not all of these activities are your choices, as many are provisioned to you by Institutions.

An idea called "Self-Sovereign Source Authority" is something that provides context in Society. In fact, it could be said that this idea is the very nexus of how $You participate in the market. Our socio-economic system pre-exists the lives of all of the humans living on planet Earth in 2021. No one now living had a hand in its original design. $You are a representative of this socio-economic system, from the moment of your birth as a human being.

My friend Doc Searls writes about how "markets are conversations". Embedded in this statement is a very important distinction about context. People have conversations, and these conversations establish markets. The context of leverage  belongs to the people ultimately. Systems get designed by people, but unfortunately, do not always represent them accurately enough. Legal administrators, called lawyers in 2021, neither originate nor converse in conversations with people in markets. Instead, these legal administrators look backwards for precedent to provide context, and issue it as credence written in a language most people are not able to parse, referred to affectionately as legalese.

People provide the context that produces leverage for systems operating in a market.

Intellectual capital is a market, so thinking has leverage. It can produce property. It leverages context. When people are absent personal leverage within the market, they are often referred to as the "have not's". Contextually, those people that own root leverage of accurate context, and maintain its integrity providing "Self-Sovereign Source Authority" over its administration, are often referred to as the "have's".

The have's versus the have not's is a popular conversation type in the market, and often legal administrators are tasked with fixing inequity, and trying to use backwards thinking (precedent) to solve current and forward-moving problems. What is the likelihood that that this produces accurate leverage in the market? Based on results, not often. Regardless, this method is used persistently as means of leveraging context in Society.

Accurate context is growing in importance as a result of the data administration system that is growing on the planet in 2021. Literally and figuratively, information is moving, math is moving, history is moving.. literacy itself is moving, and if it is not functional it speaks for itself. The accurate context of data provides leverage to the people involved in the conversation about what a civil Society is, or it simply doesn't happen. Not accurately. Not personally. Not well enough to be considered functional.

In fact, the dysfunctional method of data administration involving people in civil Society is growing so rapidly, it threatens the very integrity of civil Society at its deepest level. Every conversation is affected. Every market is affected. Innovative minds lose the ability to converse and create value in markets of all types, when the accuracy of context is not availed.

Our civil Society in America is derived "Of, By, For" people. People; Individuals all. This is our starting point for accuracy sake. There is no other reality. "We The People" does not exist in nature; it is a legal abstraction as presently administered by lawyers, who think backwards professionally. The legal administration of human context is fundamentally flawed in 2021. People, Individuals all, either own root source authority, or systems loot it from them in an effort to re-assemble it via the data activities of a person's life. This act of enforcing one-off authority, whereby people, Individuals all, are provisioned legal access to Rights, and a stored identity as a citizen within a databased State Trust legal structure, is fundamentally flawed. Why?

The context is not accurate. "Of, By, For" people, Individuals all, is not ambiguous. Due to historical limitations, or inaccuracies caused by thinking limitations or false dependencies have caused people to live their lives as part of the socio-economic system in a false context, one not accurate enough.

Self-Sovereign source authority is the solution. This idea looks into human nature, and experiential reality, and recognizes that the authority of people, Individuals all, is the root stock of a Sovereign system built "Of, For, By" people. No one-off provisioned authority can suffice, no matter what historical benefit has been accrued through its use. It is simply not accurate enough to keep existing well enough. When a solution becomes available, preventing this more accurate context of human authority becomes a mis-representation of the authority that Sovereign States derived "Of, By, For" people exist to serve.

The time has come, as data administration grows in importance in every field of endeavor touching human context. Who, what, when, where, how.. $You; this holds immense value. This is the starting point of owning root authority, and Individuals are the only legitimate source. As a mentor of young people, it is important that I convey how data leverage works. I teach kids how to program, and use data for any purpose they wish to imagine. I have conversations with young innovators who come to understand the source authority they possess as entrepreneurs. This conversation is of utmost importance for all families to engage.

For 18 years, a child is provided safety under the parental or guardianship of an adult in civil Society. This is fundamental to being a self-respecting Society. In this protected state, children have immunity from the contextual results of conversations taking place in markets, where legal administration exists. Their data is protected, right? Well, maybe not well enough. Under current operating procedures entering 2021, the number one (#1) risk vector of identity theft in civil Society is a baby with a social security number. This fact is an unnecessary result of an inaccurate data structure being used in civil Society.

The fix to this problem is simple in conversation, but becomes almost impossible when engaging legal administrators who can only use precedent to derive thinking methods. As a result, societies all over the world stand at an impasse, and are being forced to take matters into their own hands. This dichotomy of value:looting by mere participation in civil Society is growing. When $You look into the administrative experience of a young person's life, trailing how identity, social security, passports, kindergarten registration, Google Classroom data integration, and every $FREE app used in classrooms pull data context out of the participation of children under age 18, you will begin to open a door to a new conversation about what constitutes integrity of participation. When you learn about IP addresses, web browsers, databases, app stores, cookies, and the surveillance adverstising technologies being embedded within vanity social services as a means of looting data context from $You, you will question your own intelligence.

Every person, Individuals all, will at some point come to a critical understanding about how they participate in civil Society, as a have, or a have not. Functional literacy will increasingly change the definition of opportunity itself, giving distinction to conversations representing healthy markets, from those that poison our personal relationships.

I continue to work for that day, when people own root authority, as their own self-Sovereign sources of the integrity of data, conversations, and relationships of consequence in their lives. "We" must cede our mis-understandings of people, Individuals all, and see our common infrastructure as the greatest opportunity on Earth. America is, and can continue to be a very special place, a very special idea. Individual freedom, security and opportunity, unfettered from the inaccurate precedents of legal mis-administration at the hands of one-off leaders, can exist as a personal experience. $You must own root.

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