Own Root
Dev published on 2021-06-17T14:21:16Z

I want each of you to own root: as Individual people, as developers, as producers of _______________anything__________________, and as citizens of the USA in-the-making... as this is the foundation of functional literacy. Not merely the idea of literacy, but instead the applied reality of it in your own life, capable of integrity under inspection. 

University degrees do not inherently notate outcomes of meaning for socio-economic expression, as even SUNY will state openly that their system "DOES NOT issue workforce credentials", and so as a result, people who "own root" and can extend value to others in functional working relationships must be capable of another form of inspection when evaluating another's preparedness for work. 

Direct inspection is functional literacy; local skill tests define existing literacy in people. 1. Are you a producer of applied literacy, documented by results? 2. Are you a consumer, with an idea and hope for personal literacy is in your life?

When you are ready, the teacher appears..

Own Root.


Program, or be programmed. #AI #Literacy

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